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Darren Vizer

At Mr Pilates in Port Melbourne our focuses are on movement principles completed safely and without strain, building core strength, endurance. Strength and flexibility. The Pilates method is an exercise system using the pilates principles. The foundations of pilates port melbourne practitioner, are firstly taught on a mat, then applied to the equipment and are practised with breath flow, working with muscle activation and release.




The powerhouse of the body, known as ‘the centre’ in Pilates, is the foundation of pilates port melbourne instructor, Darren. Activation of the muscles from your pelvic floor, deep abdominals, across the hip bones, the muscles up to the rib cage, to the base of the buttocks, and lower back. The centre is the core muscles of the body, from which, strength and endurance improve.




Pilates port melbourne instructor, Darren focusses on an active breath cycle. The breathing pattern gives fuel to the Centre and helps establish the dynamics or rhythm of the exercise. You inhale through the nose and exhale out through the mouth, focus on lateral or intercostal breathing, while maintaining a constant pull up of pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.




Maintain mental concentration through the duration of exercise is imperative as described by Pilates Port Melbourne instructor. The intention to perform the exercise correctly to the best of your ability level allows concentration on alignment of the skeletal system, stabilisation of the body throughout the execution of the exercise, and maximum benefits.




Control is the regulation action in an exercise’s execution. It is associated with maintaining a strong centre to consciously reduce errors, work with exact alignment, greater coordination, better balance, improve the ability to perform, and control the exercise over several attempts using less effort and muscles tension.




Precision is the integration of core stability, control and co-ordination. It is the exact manner in which the exercise is performed to create the movement. Precision includes correct alignment, and activation of the correct isolated muscles to have the right muscle balance.




A flowing motion outward from a strong centre that is a smooth, uninterrupted continuity of movement. Flow is also precise activation of muscles and timing, flowing from one movement to the next. Ask Darren, pilates port melbourne studio owner.

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