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Darren, South Melbourne Pilates, Port Melbourne

Darren Vizer, Pilates Port Melbourne

Mr Pilates director, Pilates Port Melbourne Instructor Darren Vizer has masters degree in choreography from the University of Melbourne, and has been teaching movement for over 20 years, from dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, trampolining a state and national competitive champion.  Now also a professional choreographer and director with his own Arts Practice and company Devize Co, Darren, pilates port melbourne studio director has performed and choreographed nationally and internationally, with companies such as Sydney Dance Company, Legs on The Wall, Australian Dance Theatre, Australian Folkloric Company, Transitions Dance Company, The Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, La Mama Theatre, Feast Festival and Opera Australia.


He was drawn to teaching the Pilates Method as a means of keeping his own body conditioned for his performance career, leading him to studying Pilates with some of the best trained instructors in Australia. He attained Advance Diploma in Pilates Practice and the status of Principal Trainer and full member of Pilates Alliance of Australasia.


Darren’s worked in all Pilates International Studio’s, and former manger of Hunters Hill, Sydney.  Which inspired him to establish Mr Pilates, Pilates Port Melbourne studio and to teach the Pilates International Training Method, known as PITC Method. Darren enjoys teaching the full body pilates challenge, the all over body workout,  sharing his knowledge and giving the full rich experience of Pilates

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