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Timetable of Classes and Pricing

With Darren Vizer, Pilates Port Melbourne at Melbourne Chiropractic

Mr Pilates’ individual pilates programs are designed to give strength, muscle tone, improved posture while re-energising the body and centering the mind. At Mr Pilates during a 55 minute work out, clients  receive a tailored lesson to best suit their individual requirements, along with the personal attention. Those who wish to be challenged will enjoy the sense of motivation that Darren inspires, while others may seek a less rigorous routine. Unlike large pilates classes, this boutique fitness studio is small enough to focus on you, yet offers the experience that will give you the results you desire.


Instructors are full members of PAA ‘Pilates Alliance of Australasia’ and do continuing education on their pilates practice.


Classes can be claimed through your health benefits, if you are a member any of these health insurance companies.  


Initial Consultation your practitioner gives you a posture assessment designs a personalised pilates program, tailors your workout to focus on your goals and what you want to achieve with your body.

Initial Consultation (includes assessment and personalised program) a private one on one class. $110


Private Pilates Classes are a great way to learn the Pilates method one on one. Your practitioner personally guides you restoring posture, developing your personalised program, modifying your workout to your individual physical needs.

Private Pilates Classes $110

5 Class Package ($100 per class) $500

10 Class  Package ($95 per class) $950


Duet Pilates classes are a nice way to workout with a friend or a classmate who is at a similar level.  You still have focused, precise attentiveness to your workout.

Duet Class per person   $70

5 Class Package ( $67 per person) $335

10 Class Package ($65 per person) $650


Semi Private Pilates classes offer many of the benefits of private Pilates classes, they are performed with one to three others working in the same group.

Semi Private Pilates Classes (4 People) $50

5 Class Package ($47 per class) $235

10 Class Package ($45 per class) $450

20 Class Package ($43 per class) $860


Intro Package 1

IC + 4 x Semi Privates $280.00


Intro – Package 2

IC + Private + 2 x Semi Privates $290

Intro Package 3

IC+ 2xPrivates x 2 Semi Privates $400

Intro – Package 4

4 x Private Package + IC $500

Student Class $40

5 Class Package $185.00 ($37 Per Class)

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Private Class


Private classes are a great way to learn the Pilates method safely. Your practitioner gives a posture assessment, designs a personalised program and tailors your workout and focus on your body and what you want to achieve. This may be corrective or rehabilitation work, or it may be to progress you and challenge you with more advanced work.

A private class will ensure you achieve a full body workout and that your specific needs are any physical issues are observed and cared for, safely.


Semi-Private Class


Semi-private classes offer many of the benefits of private Pilates classes, but are performed with one to three others working in the same group.

Your instructor works closely with you and assists you in working correctly and progressively. You will be working on your own tailored program. This is different to a group class, where everyone follows the same workout. As with a private class, there is a focus on your special requirements and care of any injuries.

Sessions with other people can be a lot more fun and of course there is a cost-saving!

Have a friend that might want to do a semiprivate Pilates class with you?

Exercising with a friend is great motivation and incentive to stay in shape, as you’re less likely to want to let the other half of the team down, but also – it’s a fantastic way to keep you regularly connected to a special friend!


Duet Class


Duet classes are a nice way to workout with a friend or a classmate who is at a similar level.  You still have focused, precise attentiveness to your workout. You can choose to work on a similar program or the instructor may work you individually. Duet classes have a private feel at a cost-conscious rate.

You can bring a friend to do a duet Pilates class with you or we can also arrange a new friend to do duet class with you.


Pregnancy Class


Pilates is perfect for pregnant and post-natal women.

Many changes occur during pregnancy including hormonal, physical and emotional – and Pilates can help with all of them; changes in body shape, balance and posture, as well as muscular and ligamentous changes.

Pilates can also assist with birth and recovery. Pilates builds a conscious pelvic floor and abdominal strength and control, greater breathing capacity, leg strength and prepares for endurance during labour.

Pilates reduces or eliminates load and gravity yet still offers resistance to build strength. Expectant mums can undertake a full body conditioning regime and exercise in comfortable positions that support the added postural challenges of pregnancy.


Men’s Pilates classes


Pilates was originally designed on the male body by Joseph Pilates for his fellow inmates in an internment camp.


This is a total full body challenge, enabling the deep core, intrinsic muscles, along with the global muscles to full capacity. Whilst gaining strength, you gain flexibility and improved posture.


Pilates for Dancers


I have a Masters in Choreography from University of Melbourne. I’m a practicing choreographer and I have been dancing for twenty years. I know dancers’ bodies, their minds and their needs.

Dance is about precision and accuracy and that’s how the Pilates programs I create are delivered. This is true for everyone who comes to Mr Pilates.


Instruction for dancers is designed to build technical strength, physical capacity and alignment, flexibility for the precision in a dancer that is required for the performance.


Rehabilitation Classes


Pilates success is certainly based on the method to the principles of Pilates and that it provides a greater degree of flexibility than most conventional forms of physical therapy. Pilates rehabilitation programs are specifically designed for your injury or condition, working with a allied health professionals, Chiropractors,  Physiotherapists  and Osteopathy’s.    Exercises are modified and designed for each person so its extremely effective, going from basic movements to very advanced, depending on a physical needs to progress or how badly they are injured.”


Conventional physical therapy, exercise in a gym, large class group exercise classes on the other hand, often involves people being given a set of exercises that may be too hard for them to tolerate, or not taught well.


Pilates rehabilitation exercises target the core stability muscles of the lower back and abdominal region, reducing the risk of back pain. Any rehabilitation from injuries muscles need to work together in a coordinated manner to perform the exercise, to stabilise the effected area, reduce pain and recover.